Dji Phantom 3 Coupon 2015

pnatom3 couponSo, you fancied the Dji Inspire quad, but always thought the price is just not justified? Exactly my thoughts too! Paying top dollars for the thing you can destroy in seconds? No thanks.

Luckily, Dji just released the latest version of Phantom, which received the “3” by heritage.

While not very far from it’s second version, by the visual appearance, the third generation has all new features and video standards. Now you can shoot the same videos, as you can with the uber expensive Inspire 1 quad. Why to pay more then? Right, no reason! Check out coupons page, to find the best deals on Dji Pnantom 3 quad.


The all new DJI product seems to be the new benchmark in the world of multirotors and is certainly the most advanced, feature rich quadcopter there is. Supported by the novelty of the HD video link, the DJI INSPIRE1 has no competition whatsoever, and as the result, the hefty price of nearly $3000. Does it worth it? It certainly does, considering the “package” including the “up to GOPRO4″ level camera, and the most aerodynamic gimbal design ever known to the human race.

Dji Inspire 1 Coupon

So you are desperate to be one of the owners of this futuristic flying camera, but the cost makes you think twice, what can you do in this situation… And what would be the best place to place an order you may ask.

The lucky people of US have the best option available to them and is to use the Amazon! Yes, it’s not only for buying a book. Amazon is the greatest place to hunt for the best bargains, free shipping and the best pre and after sale support.

So checking Amazon Today, we found that the DJI INSPIRE1 is on “presale”, but the best news is it has “FREE SHIPPING” next to it. You don’t even have to search for the inspire coupon, you simply don’t pay nothing for shipping while checking out. Surely beats the option of ordering Inspire1 from China and paying way more.

As of Today, the beast deal we were able to find is on Amazon’s website and it is the Free Shipping on any Dji Inspire order. Shall we come across of the better special offer, or some great package sale, or simply a 10% off coupon code, we will certainly update this post, and hopefully, it will be a reasonable 20% off coupon, and not a shallow 5% one.

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Best Dji Phantom Price – Cheapest Place To Buy Dji Phantom

cheapest dji phantomCheapest Dji Phantom as of Today can be ordered from for 639.00 $, including free shipping. The Phantom is currently in stock

We are going to find all the resellers selling Dji Phantom quadcopter, and list their online prices, so you can visually compare them and find the best phantom deal for yourself.

Should you find a website selling Dji Phantom multicopters, not listed here, we ask you to contact us using our Contact Us form, and send us the link to the store. This post will be constantly updated to reflect the latest current proces on Phantom quadcopter from Dji to help you find the best bargain, when buying one. We are also going to keep the track of any coupon codes for DJI PHANTOM, should they appear, and kindly ask you to contact us, if you come across one, not listed here.


Coupon Code For DJI Phantom?

One question, If you could find a DJI Phantom bargain, would you be tempted to buy one?  Thought so, these remote controlled aircraft are as much fun as you can get and still be legal!

The first question to ask is what is it?  The DJI phantom has been called a remote control helicopter, but its much more than this.  It is also known as a quadcopter or a quadrocopter, obviously from its four blades or even a UAV or a drone.  The best thing really is to acknowledge that this vehicle is out on its own, and just call it a Phantom!  It is designed and built by a company that makes military and commercial grade UAV’s mainly for photographic applications.  This technology has been paired down to make the craft effective and fit for purpose, with many of the features of a commercial grade vehicle at a fraction of the price.


So you got your DJI Phantom, at the lowest price you could find, and brought yourself one of these stunning craft, so how easy is it to set up?

  • When the box arrives the Phantom needs some assembly.  All the instructions can be found on the DJI website and by downloading the manual and watching the excellent and informative instructional videos, it is not too much of a challenge for most model fliers.
  • This is a robust craft, it is designed to crash!  On repeated uses, including crashes into trees, hard landings and banging ito stationary objects the Phantom showed us it was built to last.
  • So even though your DJI Phantom coupon has saved you money, you still have an expensive piece of kit on your hand, you want to know how easy it is to fly.  This is where the phantom is out on its own!  The built in GPS mean that it has a mode that will allow a complete novice to get the craft airborne, maintain a level and straight flight and land safely.  A word of warning though, this relies on GPS signals being received from satellites,  so you need to ensure that your location permits this.  The craft also performs better in bigger open spaces as the GPS positioning works more accurately.  Other advantages of this GPS attitude mode are that the craft, if it loses contact with the remote unit, will return to its take off point.  It will also adjust for wind speed and gusts and is super responsive, your instructions on the control unit carried out instantly and accurately on the Phantom.  Another mode, Intelligent Orientation Control, means that the pilot on the ground when pushing the control stick left will make the craft go left never mind which way the craft is orientated.
  • So that’s great for novices, but what about more experienced flyers?  The temptation to purchase one with the DJI Phantom discount code is great, and boy, you will not be disappointed!
  • They are fast, real fast, and can reach towering altitudes. They are very easy to mod and have a great range of accessories  (more about that later) that will keep even the most experienced flier interested.  They are very responsive in flight and can cope with challenging conditions.
  • Another things to consider before using your DJI Phantom coupon is battery life.  A full battery is good for about 10 minutes of flight.  The charge time is around 45 minutes to one hour.  This may not sound like much but trust me, when you are looking up, it is a long time!  This battery life compares well with other similar crafts on the market and we found that without the attached camera accessory, the loss in weight allowed us to far exceed the 10 minutes stated time.
  • If you have been lucky enough to Get a DJI Phantom best online deal when buying your machine then you may have some money left over for accessories.  One I would recommend is the GoPro camera which easily attaches to the Phantom to allow for beautiful HD quality movies to be made from the air.  The GPS features mean it is easy to keep the Phantom stable whilst shooting and the reactive controls make tracking moving subjects a breeze.  This accessory, combined with the GPS features means you have a true UAV with the ability to record and shoot stunning shots at a fraction of the price of its commercial equivalent, even less if you use one of the DJI Phantom coupons!


In summary, this is a stunning craft, really at the cutting edge of remote flying technology that is available to the average consumer.  The Phantom is easy enough to be flown by a child but because of its extreme altitude and fantastic speed it would not be suitable for unsupervised use.   With a GoPro attached it turns into a machine that has potentially commercial applications.  The cost is not prohibitive as  a few bargains for a DJI Phantom are available, you make it well with your price range!

Dji Phantom Coupon Code 2013, Let’s Get The Party Started

We going to update you on all the best online deals on Dji Phantom quadcopter, the best and most user friendly quadcopter to use with your GoPro HD 1,2,3. Or, you can use it without, just for fun.

We will scrape the best bargains, deals promos, discount and coupon codes for Dji Phantom quadcopter and post it here. Make sure to bookmark this site to come back and check for the best deals around!